About Us

This website is dedicated to all Americans who believe in our Constitution, in the exceptionalism of the United States of America and in our Creator who blessed us with unalienable rights and continues to bless this land and its people.

We believe that what God has blessed, no man can curse.

Our site offers a broadcast internet radio talk show Thursdays 8-9pm CST and Saturdays 7-8pm CST. Through these broadcasts, we intend to spread the truth, enlighten and educate those who thirst for knowledge and unite our country once again as Americans.

Our topics for the broadcasts are political in nature but are not partisan in nature. However, if the truth dictates that a certain “Party” or its member(s) needs to be addressed due to the topic being discussed, so be it.

Listeners will have the opportunity to post comments during the broadcast in a chat setting so please join in and make your voices heard.

Please note that on this website, you can throw “political correctness” in the trash where it belongs. We are only interested in the TRUTH! So, if the truth is offensive to you, then AmericansRon2U may not be your “happy box”.

The site also offers a chatroom for those of you who wish to converse with their fellow Americans during the broadcast. The chatroom will also be open for your convenience outside of the scheduled broadcast times.

If you have found yourself watching the daily news networks and feeling the urge to throw a brick through the TV screen like WE have, you may want to join the rest of us here at AmericansRon2U. Rest assured that the American people, like yourselves, will restore this country to the Founders’ principles and values. This is a job for the American people, not the politicians or media. You know that old saying, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”!

We believe that the American people are up to the task. Yet, we must remember that our success depends on our belief in God. Where there is no way, God makes a way. Without Him, we are lost.

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